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A lot of DJ's , producers and other music fans would like to have a vinyl record containing one of their productions or tracks.

Shortly there were only 2 possibilities for this:

  • Direct pressing at a pressing plant, with a minimal order quantity of 300 copies, or;
  • Visit a cutting room and let them make a dubplate (lacquer) wich can be played approximately 15 times. This short lifetime is due to the fact that a lacquer is ment to be a master for record production and therefore made of wax. When you play this lacquer at a normal record player the wax wears out because of the hard needle. After playing this lacquer a few times the grooves become so broad that you can throw the vinyl away.

However, from yet we have the unique possibiltity to make a real vinyl record with a minimum quantity of 1 piece only. This vinyl "dubplate" has the same lifetime as a conventional vinyl record. This records can also be used for scratching. More info about the formats which you can send to us as a master for the production of "your own record" can be found under the button "Technical Info".