You can supply us with the following formats as the master of your own record:

CD, DAT, MP3, Minidisc of Cassette.
For the best quality we advise CD of DAT.

The tracks must be in the right sequence on the sound carrier (CD/ Dat etc.).
Don't forget to mention the track times, the preferred speed (33 / 45 rpm) and the kind of record (7" 10" of 12"). Please let us also know which tracks should be on which side of the record.

The supplied tracks must be of good sound quality. Please avoid big differences in phase. Because of the technical restrictions of vinyl recording it might be impossible to make a record of such tracks.

We promise you the best quality because we only use high tech equipment.

If you have any further questions you can contact us by email, phone or fax. For additional information see the button "contact".